Strategic companies

CGM’s business strategies are developed especially thanks to the action of strategic companies that operate on the public and private market in key sectors such as work, welfare, and finance.

These companies are very different from each other, but they share values and impact goals, thus constituting an ecosystem of skills and innovation at the service of citizens and businesses.

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It is an Employment Agency and the only one in Italy to be 100% owned by non-profit organizations.

Cooperjob was established in 2007 from an intuition of the Cooperazione Trentina; in 2015 it was taken over by the Consorzio CGM, which preserves its values of cooperation and ethical labor protection, placing the person with his or her needs and abilities at the center of its mission. 

Cooperjob is widespread in Italy with 7 agencies (Biella, Turin, Udine, Pordenone, Reggio Emilia, Chiavari, Piacenza) and operates in the social, logistics and multi services sectors, Cooperative Credit Banks, Industry and Crafts, and caregivers and housekeepers.

CGM Finance

For over 20 years CGM Finance has been the financial consortium supporting the development of cooperation and social entrepreneurship through the management of relations with credit and financial institutions. More than 400 members throughout Italy, including social cooperatives A and B, consortia and non-social cooperatives, foundations, associations and other social enterprises.

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CGMoving was born in September 2020, from the experience of CGM as an engine of social development in the territories and of Moving in the development of web platforms, 

CGMoving offers a new idea of welfare through the development of WelfareX® (, the first multi-channel platform through which to manage territorial, public and corporate welfare in an integrative way. 

A real Welfare HUB, where, thanks to the development of customized platforms, we are able to offer citizens of the territories and workers of companies tailor-made welfare solutions. With 2022 CGMoving expands its project with paths to support the digitisation and technological innovation of cooperatives and enterprises.


Charis is a national network of non-profit social consortia and cooperatives specializing in cooperation with religious congregations promoted by the Consortia and Cooperatives of the National CGM Consortium and the Consortia and Cooperatives of Economia di Comunione and E.di C. S.p.a.

Charis intends to contribute to the valorization of the original charisms of the Religious Orders expressed in the services of care for the frail and of animation, education, and rehabilitation, through multiple forms of support for the processes of strengthening, revision, renewal, and transformation of their works and organizational systems.

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Nemo Lab

NeMOLab is the first Italian hub for the development of highly specialised technological research programmes and projects that respond over time to the complex needs of people living with neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases. In particular, it is committed to the realisation of technological solutions with a concrete impact on the lives of people living with a neuromuscular disease.

The project was born out of the experience of caring for people with neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases at the NeMO Clinical Centres combined with the CGM Consortium’s vocation for social enterprise.


A network of 6 Employment Agencies with 50 branches distributed in 6 regions and authorised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies to provide employment services, accredited by the respective regions:

  • Mestieri Lombardy
  • Mestieri Emilia Romagna
  • Mestieri Tuscany
  • Mestieri Campania
  • Mestieri Puglia
  • Mestieri Basilicata

In the six regions, the agencies work in synergy with consortia and social cooperatives to develop specific services aimed at social and labour inclusion. Specifically, Mestieri deals with career counselling, selection, professional accompaniment and tutoring services for people with social marginalisation problems and difficulties in finding their own.

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