Consultancy and Training

CGM proposes training and consultancy activities to enterprises and social cooperatives, members and non-members, with the aim of improving people’s skills and promoting and supporting the organizational development of the enterprises making them competitive and keeping them abreast with the challenges of the future.

Activities are managed by senior trainers and consultants who know the world of social enterprises from the inside, but at the same time are open to contamination with different worlds. This is a prerequisite for bringing added value and innovation to the processes, methodologies and contents of entrepreneurship and social cooperation.

The training and consultancy activities offered by CGM focus mainly on the following areas:

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Organizational management area

Consultancy, courses and webinars on management systems (quality, environment, privacy, 231 organizational model, gender equality), business management and internal reorganization, strategic and financial planning, tax credit, impact measurement. 

Goal: to prepare businesses for change by renewing or adapting strategies and organizational models; facilitate the development of business activities and projects; fill the gaps and improve the performances.

People strategy area

Paths for network executives and for middle managers of social enterprises, support and development of members of the boards.

Goal: People are the real value asset of the cooperatives and social enterprises; they represent the strategic differential among the various organizations. The proposed activities aim to improve the managerial and strategic skills of human resources, but also the soft skills, the ability to adapt and promote change, the aptitude to work in a team and in a network.

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Production chains area

Activities on education issues (outdoor and education in non-formal contexts, childcare for 0- to 6-year-old children, educational poverty, young adults and future…), elderly care, tourism and culture.

Goal: to find new spaces for entrepreneurial growth for cooperatives and social enterprises which, at the same time, become the representation of supply chains where it is possible to build sustainable development and widespread wealth in the communities of the country.

Facilitated Finance Area

Support for consortium members on the set of financial instruments used by the legislator at the EU, national, regional, or local level to foster business competitiveness and development.

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