Who we are

 CGM is a Consortium operating on a national scale through a large Network of territorial consortia, businesses, and social cooperatives.

CGM’s main role is to support the local networks’ action in response to the needs of communities and to encourage the development and economic productivity of its members by adopting sustainable, inclusive, replicable models capable of generating opportunities in the territories.

CGM co-generates entrepreneurial spaces and places built on the values ​​shared by its members, with whom it works on regeneration, on local development and protection of internal areas, on innovative welfare services and on technologies, on social agriculture, on social housing and cultural enhancement.


CGM encourages and supports the development of its social network through both the provision of qualified and advanced corporate services and the implementation of impact projects that promote the development of consortia and cooperatives.

CGM meets the requests and needs of its members by offering support in planning, innovation, training, and consultancy applied both to the more traditional fields of personal care (minors, elderly, immigrants, disabled people) and to sectors of social innovation (environment, living, technology, art and culture, tourism, employment support).

The variety of sectors proves how our Network is a lively reality, attentive to the demands and needs of the territory and the communities, with a very high degree of innovation that makes CGM a platform of exchange and discussion with and for social enterprises.