The member consortia

The member consortia of CGM across Italy are 42

  • 20 consortia in Northern Italy
  • 8 consortia in Central Italy
  • 10 Consortia in Southern Italy 
  • 4 consortia in Insular Italy

What are the advantages of joining the CGM Network?

  • Knowledge
    The presence of people with previous experience and solid knowledge in the Third Sector ensures that CGM
    • develops innovative products and services taking the hints coming from the dialogue with national and European subjects
    • supports the national Network in research and access to business tools (financial, planning, competency…)
  • Innovation
    CGM proposes and supports the cooperatives and the social enterprises of the Network in the innovation processes of social entrepreneurship models that are sustainable, inclusive, and capable of generating social impact.
  • Connection and exchange of good practices
    Being part of the CGM means cultivating dialogue with the various associated realities on multiple sectoral issues, sharing development models and replicating good practices. But it means also creating relationships, beyond our sectorial boundaries, that are a thrust for social and entrepreneurial innovation.