Open Innovation

CGM promotes and manages open innovation processes drawing internal resources from individual companies and / or consortia and then interfacing them with other actors of technological and social innovation, thus generating positive returns on investments.

Openness is an important value of our Network; therefore, it is necessary to cultivate it, especially when it comes to “doing new things together”. That’s why CGM’s open innovation follows two paths.

Enrich ecosystems

CGM creates actions of network and capacity building to strengthen territories and supply chains with contributions from a variety of subjects – social enterprises and third sector entities, universities and research centres, public institutions, and businesses – which recognize the social impact as a central element of their mission. The goal is to ensure that innovation is increasingly becoming a common good accessible to all.

Strengthen investments

CGM builds support programmes in partnership with companies connected to the Consortium to position the social enterprises and their consortia as open innovation hubs. It operates in the following areas: design support and matching together with innovative enterprises for the experimentation of new value chains, creation of hybrid corporate vehicles for capital investments and intensive tech, attraction of both institutional and bottom-up social investors.