Sprint! La scuola con una marcia in più

Sprint! La scuola con una marcia in più

Project name: Sprint! La Scuola con una marcia in più 
Funding body: Con i Bambini and Fondazione SNAM 
Lead partner: Spazio Aperto Servizi 
Period: November 2019 – ongoing 

Sprint! focuses on promoting an alliance between schools, families, and local actors, particularly third-sector organizations, to combat educational poverty among minors and prevent forms of juvenile discomfort. The project is committed to the creation of “educating communities” that have their fulcrum in the role of schools both as aggregating actors and as places where minors can find educational opportunities that are integrated and complementary to the curricular didactic offer.  

Sprint! Imagine a school connected to the surrounding area, capable of intercepting the energies of local authorities, businesses, and the Third Sector, which can be a link with both public and private subjects and in particular with local authorities, through the proposal of activities (sport, theatre, workshops) during out-of-school hours.  

Areas involved: Brindisi, Milan, Palermo 

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